The next five years from quantitative to qualitative change sought

Date:2015-09-06 16:30

  Source transformation: management decision-making philosophy a qualitative change in the number of warm congratulations to control brush Yangzhou starfish Equipment Co., Ltd. established a new management decision-making about three years, on the one hand continue to clarify the history of criticism, on the other hand gradually abandon the traditional philosophy, the past of the the amount of change to confront the pursuit of pursuit, from the idea, product, management, technology, and other models turned round modernization and internationalization; after nearly three years of combing, we expect the next five years will be the company really has a high-quality growing.
  Transformation products: Pyramid product strategy to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of the company is implementing the "pyramid product strategy": Brushes machinery, the company turned to brand management and channel construction, manufacturing outsourcing; the end product, a comprehensive launched a new five categories; high-end products , increase independent R & D investment, to capture the 5-axis technology. We believe that the reorganization of the production process will bring significant cost reduction and efficiency optimization of.
  Management transformation: internal emphasis on financial, foreign attention to marketing We analyzed based on the first three quarters of earnings, the company has the scale or both index and profit targets, may have begun to adjust assessment indicators Division during the year, and thus strengthen the management of each business unit and the currency of payment of funds, capital expenditures (including expenses) monitoring efforts, improve capital efficiency. The company is promoting the 4S shop, you should be able to effectively expand sales and improve service revenue accounted for.

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