Two-axis machine-axis machine axis machine axis machine What is the difference

Date:2015-09-07 16:30

  Two-axis machine work containing two axes: X-axis and Y-axis. Typically, X-axis control and move around table, Y-axis control after moving the table. Usually two-axis machine used to make flat plastic broom, plastic laundry brush, or other small planes industrial brushes.
  Three-axis machine containing three working axes: X-axis, Y-axis, Z axis. Generally, X-axis control and move around the table, Y-axis control table before and after movement, Z-axis control operation of the rotation table. However, depending on the style of brush, Y-axis and Z-axis may also be designed to control the rotational movement of the table or oscillating motion. Commonly used three-axis machine are: Arc toilet brush tufting machine, drilling a small round brush tufting machine, disc brush tufting machines.
  Containing four working shaft axis machine: X-axis, Y-axis, Z axis, H axis, their work schedule and swing direction can be customized on demand. Axis machine used to make some curved brush, angled hole inclined plastic broom, and spherical such as the toilet.
  Containing five axis machines work axes: X axis, Y axis, Z axis, H axis, A axis. It is because there are five working-axis, five-axis machine is very flexible, you can make almost any style brushes rated specifications, such as: flat brush, brush arc, curved brush, brush the ball, provided that sufficient fixture or table, can be replaced as needed. In most cases, five-axis machine used to make wooden broom, plastic broom, ball wall brush, pineapple head toilet brush, toilet brush and so on hockey.

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