What is the principle toothbrush tufting machine is?

Date:2015-09-07 16:23

  Main drive shaft and four servo drive shaft system consisting of a high-speed toothbrush tufting machine transmission structure.   Four servo axes are horizontal X-axis, Y-axis vertical, flap Z-axis and molting U axis. XY two-axis coordinate position of the hole determines the toothbrush, Z-axis from the replacement of the toothbrush to the next action, U axis plays the role of coat for a toothbrush. When the spindle motor is running, four electrically controlled servo axis servo operation, stop the spindle axis servo rest stop. Spindle speed determines the speed tufting, four servo drive axis response requires coordination, there would be hair epilation or missing phenomenon. Applications Delta Dentsu precision electric servo control can be done 1000 times / minute tufting speed, but can do jump Kong tufting.

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